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1. At that time, the people of this area were ______ to every kind of danger: flood, starvation, disease and war.

A) supposed B) proposed

C) opposed D) exposed

2. Success in diving requires not only skill and balance but also ____ alertness and concentration.

A) nervous B) manual

C) mental D) mortal

3. Economic progress is closely bound up ____ educational development.

A) with B) from

C) at D) to

4. Her grandfather’s condition looks very serious and it is doubtful if he will ______.

A) pull out B) pull back

C) pull up D) pull through

5. Mrs. Mawson is becoming increasingly ____. Last week she locked herself out of her house twice.

A) unconscious B) forgetful

C) senseless D) mindless

6. it is ______ to insure your jewellery and valuables separately from your house contents.

A) probable B) valuable

C) advisable D) considerable

7. My house is very ____ for getting to work as it is only a few minutes from the station.

A) reliable B) available

C) suitable D) convenient

8. _____ aids are ictures that help you to understand something.

A) visual B) visible

C) video D) virtual

9. One should not be ____ to traffic regulations.

A) forgetful B) unconscious

C) inconsiderate D) indifferent

10. This copy is ______ with the ones you bought last week.

A) identical B) parallel

C) equivalent D) equal

11. Seen from the top of the mountains, it looks ____ glorious at sunrise.

A) fairly B) justly

C) practically D) perfectly

12. The liquid was heated until the temperature ____ 1000 °C.

A) arrived B) reached

C) achieved D) attained

13. He’s ______ too pleased with himself.

A) fairly B) rather

C) very D) quite

14. Kerry and his two sisters each had three cookies, and when they went out, hardly ____ cookies were left.

A) any B) some

C) ever D) few

15. The basketball match will be televised ____ from the Worker’s Stadium.

A) alive B) lively

C) live D) life

16. One car ran too fast and ____ missed hitting the other one.

A) slightly B) narrowly

C) nearly D) closely

17. Half the planet always faces the sun, while the other half is ____ dark.

A) clearly B) consequently

C) continually D) continuously

18. She tried to explained that she was going to pay him forty pounds without _____ next week.

A) miss B) fail

C) failure D) disappointment

19. I know Zoe______ but I have never actually spoken to him.

A) by sight B) with sight

C) in sight D) on sight

20. Kent would like to rent a flat, modern, comfortable and ____ in a quiet environment.

A) before all B) first of all

C) after all D) above all

21. This is a photograph of Lucy taken a few years ____ by her father.

A) previously B) precisely

C) primarily D) primitively

22. Some ____ good luck brought us nothing but trouble.

A) seemingly B) satisfactorily

C) uniformly D) universally

23. With the civil war lasting for several years, the people of the country are longing for ______ peace.

A) previous B) practical

C) permanent D) periodical

24. She made a ______ mistake of giving him her telephone number.

A) mortal B) fatal

C) critical D) incurable

25. It is very convenient for a businessman to carry a _____ computer when they go on business trip.

A) mobile B) flexible

C) movable D) portable

26. Automobile production of the present time has been increased ____.

A) greatly B) highly

C) infinitely D) much

27. Our company’s business has been ______ quickly in the recent years.

A) enlarged B) extended

C) expanded D) broadened

28. It is agreed that a good teacher should _____ as well as teach.

A) amuse B) instruct

C) dedicate D) entertain

29. The article is so badly written that I can hardly ______ what the writer is trying to say.

A) find out B) fill out

C) think out D) figure out

30. Paula likes to walk through the woods ____. Her brother prefers to walk with a companion.

A) to herself B) by herself

C) by herself D) in itself


1. 答案为D。be exposed to 遭受…,暴露于,接触到,符合题意。be supposed to应该,理应;be opposed反对,对抗。

2. 答案为C。mental精神上的;思想上的;manual手工的;mortal并非长生不老的;致命的;故C符合题意要求。

3. 答案为A。be bound up with和…分不开的,紧紧联系在一起。

4. 答案为D。pull through脱离危险,渡过难关;pull out(列车)出站,拔出;pull back犹豫,后退;pull up(车)停,制止。

5. 答案为B。forgetful健忘的,多忘的;unconscious未察觉到的,失去意识的;senseless愚蠢的,失去直觉的 mindless 不注意的,没头脑的;故B符合题意要求。

6. 答案为C。advisable可取的,明智的;probable可能发生的,有希望的;considerable相当多(大)的,重要的,值得注意的;故C符合句意要求。

7. 答案为D。be convenient for 方便某人作某事的;It is convenient for someone to do sth. reliable可靠的;available可利用的,可得到的;D符合句意要求。

8. 答案为A。visual“与视觉有关的,靠视力的”,visual aids“直观教具”。video“录像机”;virtual“实际上的”。

9. 答案为D。be indifferent to对…不重视;对…不感性趣;be forgetful of 疏忽…;be inconsiderate to/of对…不体贴的;be unconscious of未察觉到的 .

10. 答案为A。be identical with 与…相同, 相等;be equal to 相同的;相当的; be equivalent to(价值、数量、意义等)相等的, 相同的; be parallel to /with…与平行的;类似的;对应的

11. 答案为D。perfectly意为“十分,极其”,perfectly right非常正确;perfectly frank非常坦率;故D符合句意要求。

12. 答案为B。reach作“达到”解,是及物动词;arrive是不及物动词;attain多指“达到”目标,“获得”成就或权力等;achieve“获得(成功)”,“达到(目的)”,只有B符合题意结构要求。

13. 答案为B。rather语气强,可与too和比较级连用。fairly语气轻,不可与too和比较级连用。quite含义比fairly稍强。

14. 答案为A。hardly any 几乎没有;hardly是否定副词,常用作“不”的委婉语。

15. 答案为C。live在此作副词,意为“在表演现场”,“实况直播”;例如:The concert will be broadcast live. alive“活着的;有活力的”,不置于名词之前,多作表语。例如:The elderly gentleman is still very much alive, more alive than many young people.

16. 答案为B。narrowly意为“勉强地,差点儿”。如:The girl narrowly escaped drowning. “slightly稍微地;娇弱地”;nearly“接近地,大约地”,故B项符合句意。

17. 答案为D。continuously “连续地,持续地”,强调在整个过程当中毫无间断;continually,“连续地,频繁地”,指多次发生,但不连续;consequently“因此,必然地”。

18. 答案为B。without fail“肯定地,一定”,是固定结构。

19. 答案为A。know sb by sight“只知其人,和某人面熟”,是固定表示法。

20. 答案为D。above all“最重要者,尤其”;It’s too far, too late, and above all, too dangerous. first of all“首先,第一”;after all“毕竟,究竟,终究”;故D符合句意。

21. 答案为A。previously意为“以前”,合题意。primitively意为“早期”,“以原始的方式”;primarily意为“首要地,基本地”

22. 答案为A。seemingly“表面上 ”; uniformly“一致地”;universally“普通地”;故A符合句意要求。

23. 答案为C。permanent意为“永久的;固定的”, a permanent member of the Security Council. previous“(时间、顺序)先前的”;practical“实用的,实际的,实质上的”;periodical“期刊,杂志”;故C符合句意要求。

24. 答案为B。fatal“致命的,无可挽回的”,a fatal mistake“无可挽回的错误”,a fatal disease“致命的疾病”;mortal“不能免于一死的,生命攸关的;人间的”;critical“评论的,喜爱挑剔的;危急的”;incurable“医治不好的,无可救药的”。

25. 答案为D。portable“手提式的,可携带的”;mobile“可移动的,但不一定便于携带”;flexible“灵活的”; movable“可移动的,可动的”。

26. 答案为A。greatly“大大地”,“非常”多用来表示数量或程度,如:I would greatly appreciate your help. highly表抽象意义,“高度地,极为”,例如:highly interesting, a highly motivated student. infinitely“无限地,无穷地”;故A符合句意要求。

27. 答案为C。expand“扩大生产,扩充事业”;extend“伸出,展开;(时间、空间的)延伸”;broaden“加宽,扩大”,故C符合句意。

28. 答案为D。entertain“使…感兴趣,使…快乐”,例如:The clown entertained the children with all kinds of tricks. amuse“逗笑…,让…开心”;dedicate“奉献,致力与”;本句的意思为:一个称职的教师不仅传授知识,而且还会善于培养学生对学习的兴趣。 故D符合句意。

29. 答案为D。figure out理解,弄明白;find out通过努力发现,找出;fill out(在文件、表格里)填写;think out想出主意。

30. 答案为C。by oneself单独地,独自地;to oneself独自享用,如:have a room to oneself. beside herself 忘我,发狂;in itself本身



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